The Software Craftsman Chapter 9 & 10 Blog (4/18/2017)

Chapters 9 and 10 were especially interesting because it talks in depth about recruitment and interviews; and what better time to learn about those concepts than a senior graduating in 1 month! I found it so relatable when the author criticizes the job description of companies who are asking for qualities that are not even implemented at the workplace.

I would search for entry level software developer positions and one of the requirement for applying would be +2 years of career experience. Like, seriously?! I don’t understand how companies who are looking for entry level software developers are looking for candidates with +2 years of career experience. Correct me if I’m wrong but entry level does mean “introductory” or “basic” right?!

Chapters 9 and 10 encouraged me to not just follow the money, but rather, work for a company you feel passionate about, Work for some place where you feel you are being heard and can truly make a meaningful difference! There was a line in chapter 10 that completely left me mind-blown at how true it was. “During an interview, it is important to understand that we are not begging for a job. We are doing a business negotiation.” This made me realize that you, as a developer, have something to offer. You are not “asking” for a job, you are negotiating how much you believe your skill set can be worth to employers!


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